Best Dress Shoes Under $100



J.Crew 2 for $100

Oxfords $28, MacAlister $80 via eBay


Warby Parker Review

The Good and The Bad


Warby Parker Review

The Good and The Bad


8 Ways to Wear a Henley

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21 March 2012

Drake - GQ on Style

05 December 2011

Quotables "Before I talk my style introduce me." -Nas

28 November 2011

Neimans Items at Macys Prices

I was compelled to share this. Another resource for pre-owned (new word for used) clothing.

"Founded in 2004 eDrop-Off has become the nation's premier eBay store specializing in reselling high end and luxury items.  With over 100,000 successful transactions, eDrop-Off has reached Titanium Power Seller status on eBay.  If you are looking to consign your designer clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry or accessories, we're here to help!  We cater to clients both locally and nationwide offering free pickups, closet consultations, styling and more."

Check them out here or on eBay here (men's shoes, clothing, and accessories links are on the left side).

05 August 2011

Why Style Matters

24 July 2011

Nordstrom (Before the Rack) Sale

I usually have no issues with online sneaker purchases (deadstock) so I was checking out the Puma Clyde's, Sperry, for under $50 and Sebago and Frye for under $100 Shop (here) - sale through August 1.

23 July 2011

Deal of the Day: Military Watch Straps Even Lower than eBay

American Eagle Military Strap for $6.50, and the 2nd pair is %50 off.  I believe the size is 18mm, more colors are available in stores.

20 July 2011

An Oscar Winner's Take On Thrifting

"The whole thing of clothes is isane. You can spend a dollar on a jacket in a thrift store. And you can spend a thousand dollars on a jacket in a shop. And if you saw those two jackets walking down the street, you probably wouldn't know which was which."

- Helen Mirren in Esquire, August 2011

16 July 2011

Warby Parker: Part II

 I thought about purchasing another pair of prescription glasses, since my first experience was decent I decided to try Warby Parker again.  This time the home try-on was available.

 You can try up to five pairs for 5 days.
 The Griffin in Greystone
 The Roosevelt Striped Chestnut
 The Finn inSandalwood Matte
 My Favorite pair was the "Miles" shown here in Revolver Black
The Preston in Sandalwood Matte

My favorites in order started from the bottom, including the Nedwin's that I bought previously.

Shipping is free both ways for the home try-on and they arrive in about 3 business days.  If a frame that you want to try is unavailable you try a different colorway (i.e. Miles in Black instead of Chesnut) and they may be available so you can get an idea of how they will look. 

The concept is great, it really takes the surprises out of internet shopping.

10 July 2011

Fashion Math - How Can Jeans Cost $300?

 (Click Photo to Enlarge)

 This is very clear and straight forward until you get to the "Other Cost" section. Check out the article and you'll see that about half of price of these $300+ jeans is in the retailer markup, yeah I know they could end up on the sale racks, so why not start the negotiation with a high-ball offer...I guess...

Stick to thrifting (thrift shops, consignment shops, clothing resellers, ebay...) and you can skip the "Other Cost" and end up paying only for the materials, or the labor and it's possible to pay just for the trim and get the whole pair of jeans!

Spotted on

09 July 2011

Kemba: NCAA MOP and NBA Draft Style Winner

Clap for him, the belt is on point too!  See the runner-ups here.

Image via: Getty Images

An Example of Pulling Off The "Not Matching" Look

01 July 2011

100% Thrifted

Stretch-Armstrong with the dollar ($36 fit)...Well Done, but the other outfit and accessory for $28 is just crazy, I might have to head to St. Louis (via SB).

25 June 2011

The "Rack"

I really like the shoe selection at my local Nordstrom Rack, I got these for $49 and previously bought these, click here for locations, click here for Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th locations.